How To Submit Your Files

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Ready to get started?

First, download the appropriate form, and fill it out as completely as you can.

  • Ordering for a department? Your fiscal officer will need to sign the form, but once signed, you can scan it in and upload itemail or fax (453-1643) it to us. You can submit both your files to be printed and the print request at the same time. Departments cannot use P-Cards.
  • Those paying with a credit card need to use this form.  Once you fill it out, upload or email it along with your files. You can also bring it into our office on a USB drive.

If you did not submit your files at the same time you submitted the form, you can submit them later. Once we receive your form, you will get an email recognition from us. You can reply to that email and attach your files OR upload them. If you choose to upload them, please reference the "T" number which appeared in the email you received. That makes it easy for us to track what files go with your job.

Acceptable file formats:

  • PDF (preferred format)
  • InDesign (please package and compress entire folder before uploading
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • EPS
  • Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoint (we strongly recommend exporting as a PDF file for reproduction)

We will produce a proof and email it to you so you can see how your printed job will look. This is your chance to check all aspects of your job one last time. We will only proceed with printing once we have your approval.


Most newer versions of desktop publishing programs have the ability to export as a PDF or print to a PDF. In either case just make sure that you embed the fonts. These are options in the PDF controls. Usually you will have the option to "export for screen" or "export for press," please select the export for "press or print."


FONTS: Supply all the fonts used in your document, including fonts used in any linked files.

EPS GRAPHICS: (vector based) Convert all of your typesetting to paths (or outlines) when saving EPS graphics. This will minimize font flow problems during the processing of your file.

LINKED IMAGES: When sending native application format files, also provide all external image files.

Be sure to update your links in the layout files whenever you alter any of the original images. Many programs have a feature called "collect for output" or "package" which can help you gather your fonts & images for project submission. See your user's manual for a description of this function and how it works.

RESOLUTION: We suggest a final image resolution of 300 dpi. Bitmap (1-color) files should be 600 dpi.

DOCUMENT SIZE: The document page size should be set to the final trim size of your printed piece. For example, if your single sheet is trimmed to 8.5"x11" then your document size should be set to 8.5"x11".

BLEEDS: Leave 1/8 inch (.125") for any image or color that bleeds off the edge of the page. Do not change the size of the document, just drag the picture box over the edge of the document.

MEDIA ACCEPTED: uploademail or USB drive

It is best to build pages/documents in page layout programs such as InDesign, placing the art files in those program files. Following is a list of tips to make your job print better and keep your cost down.

  • Provide a hard copy or reference PDF of the final file when submitting the paperwork for your file.
  • Send all the fonts used.
  • Vector based files can have the type converted to outlines to eliminate fonts, but will also eliminate our ability to edit text/make changes.
  • Include all imported images and links with the files, even if the files have been embedded.
  • Scans and non-vector based art should be 300 DPI resolution at the placed size.
  • Remove all unused text or graphics from the pasteboard outside the document image area.
  • Keep text and objects not to be trimmed no closer than 3/16" from the actual trim.
  • Items that print to the trim (bleed) should extend 1/8" past the trim.
  • Do not "float" your document on an oversized page.

We'll work with you to make just about any file print the way you like; however, any intervention time will be an additional charge.

Please call if you have questions or would like help in working with your file. We'll be happy to assist you.